Midrise Residential in

Los Angeles.


Studio. 2015


During my second semester at AHO in Oslo I attended a studio called Mid-Rise Residential in Los Angeles. The studio explored the typology of mid-rise housing in relation to the, mostly horizontal, urban fabric of Los Angeles.

The tool for this exploration was the concept of extrusion. The idea of combining an intricately solved plan or section, with the relatively dumb action of extrusion in order to create a building.

My proposal is based on a single element, a cross. The cross is distributed on a grid and adjusted to suit the program. The action of extruding, and inserting floors completes the rough structure of the building.

Cross dimensions (mm).

Extruded cross 1:25.




The studio was assigned twenty plots along Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica. All of the plots overlook the Pacific Ocean. The proposal consists of 80 apartments. The apartments are composed of eight or six modules measuring 4,4 x 4,0 meters, resulting in apartments of 140 sqm and 105 sqm. All apartments have private bedrooms with views toward the Pacific Ocean or the city.



The general structure of the building allows it to be adapted to changing needs, but is still characteristic enough not to lose its presence. The layout of the floors is adjusted to create double height commercial space at ground level, and to accomodate a “piano nobile“ for possible restaurants. The proposal also includes two top floor double-height rentable spaces for the residents or private parties.

Typical Plan 1:200.





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